Sunday, 3 February 2008

CD Review - Swingadelic

Another Monday Night
By M.D. Spenser

This is not a proper album; it’s a sampler for a high-class wedding band, helpfully arranged for easy browsing – all seven instrumentals first, followed by the five vocal numbers.

It’s mostly big-band jazz – think Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Tony Bennett. The web site says the band “adds just the right dose of some swingin’ Sixties grooves to come up with the most listenable and danceable music for your wedding, party or special event.” By “swingin’ Sixties,” they seem to mean the occasional James Bond-like progression.

All of that said, these are impressive musicians. The songs feature tight horn arrangements and 10 or 11 musicians. On track one, for example, it’s eight horns along with bass, keyboard and drums.

These guys are good enough; it’s a shame they didn’t put out a real album. Some of the stuff does swing.

If you’re going to have a retro cocktail parity, with men in tuxedos drinking martinis, this CD could be just the thing. But be sure to put it on random play to mix up the vocals and instrumentals.


Unknown said...

Excuse me, did this guy listen to the CD? I can see he visited the website, where the band promotes their private party work, but there was no mention of the the fact the CD was 100% original tunes and arrangements by the band and its members. The band does do high end weddings but is also has a serious commitment to this music and making it creative and fresh. Maybe you should include the CD next time you "review" it.

Blues Reviews UK said...

Don't worry Moore,
He does it all the time.
From what I've heard he gets sent cd's to review and probably flicks through the tracks making a decision based on the 'vibe' he gets on the cd cover.

He cleary hasn't got a clue and is an opinionated, narrow minded 'reviewer'.