Saturday, 26 June 2010

On-line petition asks that Shivers be republished!

Hello, everyone! Important news: There is an on-line petition circulating that asks that my entire 36-book Shivers series be republished.

I get e-mails quite often from people asking me how they can buy copies. And I'm afraid I have to disappoint them and say that the books are not in stories anymore. But I know there is considerable demand for them and it would help if publishers had evidence that this was the case.

If they were published again, it would make Shivers available to a new generation of readers. I ask your help: Please sign the on-line petition and forward the link to all your friends. Here's the link:

Your friend,

M.D. Spenser

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ComaCalm said...

That would be pretty cool, I have to admit. I'm from the UK, so rely entirely on Charity Shops for your books. I've managed to collect over 20 though! ^^