Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Bulletin: I'm Alive!

I happened upon a link the other day that announced, alarmingly enough, "Writer M.D. Spenser Dies."

Well, this was news to me. I wondered perhaps if I was browsing the web from the far side. Maybe I had died without realizing it. Is this what death is like, I wondered?

So I clicked on the link and found this: "NOTE: M.D. Spenser has not yet died."

Whew! What a relief! Apparently it's a tribute page just waiting for me to kick the bucket.

Wait on, folks, wait on. M.D. Spenser has not yet died.


Anonymous said...

I used to read the Shivers books when I was a kid, I loved them. Are you really the author of them?

M.D. Spenser said...

Yes, I'm the author of the Shivers series. If you liked the books, I'd be pleased if you'd sign an on-line petition to bring them back. It's free to sign, no obligation or anything, just an expression of your opinion. You can sign the petition here: