Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Cover Ready for SHIVERS Book 4!

Exciting news! The cover for "The Animal Rebellion," book four in my SHIVERS series of scary chapter books for kids, has been completed.

I think it's fabulous!

Look for the book soon on amazon, Sony, Barnes & Noble and iBookstore!

Best wishes for a Happy New Year,



Anonymous said...

that's my favorite of the new covers!

Andy D said...

I had the whole series when i was i kid. I used to buy one every week or so and they were my favourites! They were given away several years ago though and I recently found myself wanting to read them again. So happy you're re-releasing them! Thankyou!

Anonymous said...

I loved the series and owned them all when i was younger. I'd very much like you to write a new horror novel in the same style as the shivers books. I know i would buy it and i'm very sure many others would be interested. The style, with the twists and turns, humour, horror, your books have it all. Hope you're well. Take care.